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Summer 2020 Updates

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

We hope you like our new website! Our Georgia State University intern, Iffatun, played a key role in putting it together. She and I worked very closely to capture the essence of Kennrod, while also engaging visitors through better visuals and fresh content. Attention to the website is ongoing. We are proud to have Iffatun (see photo) as a part of the process!

As everyone awaits news on whether or not their school district will offer online and/or traditional learning for the 2020-2021 school year, it is important for you to know that Kennrod has decided to limit programming to social media. More specifically, beginning in August through May, we will have Facebook Live-streaming of practitioners who will share their personal journey toward achieving success, as well as information about their career and important ways to help Kennrod families and the greater community. While the primary use of social media will be different from our regular in-school programming, college/business field trips, and parent workshops, given our current climate with COVID-19, utilizing social media more is our best option in an effort to keep everyone safe during this time of such uncertainty.

Kennrod will continue to offer tutoring services through our partner centers, on-site and/or virtually, for participating students. In this case, parents are working directly with the center directors to determine the best scenario for their student(s).

We really miss being more directly involved with our students, parents, school leaders, teachers, and community friends. We are all adjusting to the changes in life amid COVID-19. We do believe that we will come through this situation stronger than ever. #supportkennrod

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