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Welcome Back to School 2021

After all these years, the start of a new school year is still very exciting to me! I absolutely love seeing students, teachers, school leaders, and staff walking the hallways and interacting with one another. It signifies a new start, a chance to be better than before, a step closer to accomplishing goals, and the opportunity to experience people and places that perhaps were not previously possible.

Last Friday, I visited Marietta Middle School to solidify plans for an upcoming student field trip. Field trips, tutoring, and live-streaming sessions will make up the Kennrod programming this year. Each month students will have the ability to take part in field trips and/or live-streaming sessions to expose them to various colleges and careers. (It is important to note that Kennrod volunteers are required to be vaccinated and wear masks during all in-person visits with students and others.) Tutoring sessions will continue at our partner Kumon leaning centers. If you know of any pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade student who is in need of tutoring, please ask them to contact us or Kumon. Scholarships are now available.

I want to wish everyone a great year of learning and fun!


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