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Spread Love

We are just days from celebrating Valentines Day, February 14th. Across the country and in cities around the world, our loved ones will receive cards, candy, gifts, flowers, and more as a token of how special they are to us. Whether we are on the giving or receiving end, most would agree that it just feels good to spread love on this special day. Because it does feel good, I want to challenge myself and others to work toward spreading more love every day. There are so many ways for us to do this, but several things come to mind at this moment:

Love ourselves – love begins from the inside out

Show love toward those who have positively contributed to our lives

Show love toward those who have hurt us

Show love toward a stranger

Show love toward our neighbor, our colleagues, to those around us

The purest form of love doesn’t cost anything. It is in our smile, our embrace, our attitude, our actions.

The more love we can share today, our tomorrow will be better.

Have a very Happy Valentine’s Day! Spread Love!

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