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School bells are about to ring!

Since I was a child, I would always get excited about the start of a new school year. Nothing has changed. I love the excitement of a new start, seeing people I haven’t seen all summer, and planning activities that will help students learn and reach their full potential. I realize that this may sound corny to some, but I have always loved school as a student, teacher, and as an administrator. School is just in my blood.

This past week, Kennrod was able to support our Partners-in-Education, Milford Elementary School, by welcoming the teachers, administrators, and staff back to school on their first day of pre-planning. We provided everyone warm Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and coffee. I also noticed that food from Chick-fil-a was also delivered. Our Milford family is one special group!

As the school bells ring this coming week, some as early as August 1st, let’s keep our students, teachers, administrators, families, and community friends in mind. Let’s wish for a great year of learning in an environment that is safe and fun. Let’s wish for all teachers to have a caring heart and to foster creativity and a desire to learn in every child. Let’s wish for every administrator to provide the support and genuine concern that students and staff need. Let’s wish for families to work with schools in the best way possible to support students. Finally, let’s wish for community friends to share their time, talent, and resources toward helping to make our communities and our world much better.

Together, we will accomplish great things!

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