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Live streaming and more

Life as we know it has drastically changed due to COVID-19. Schools and many businesses have closed. Sporting events, concerts, and other large gatherings have ceased. People are spending more time at home and everyone await the news of when we can return to doing some of the things that we're accustomed to doing, even if on a limited basis. This desire is real; however, given the seriousness of the coronavirus and the deaths that have occurred, we must be patient. We know that we will get on the other side of this and we will be stronger because of it.

It has been very difficult for me to be away from Kennrod students during this time. I am used to seeing them each month as a part of our regular programming. When Pete Kane, with Growth Digital Marketing Atlanta, asked about me doing a live streaming via Facebook for Kennrod, I was excited about the opportunity to connect with our students and others in this way (see photo).

I will do my best to continue to engage more in similar ways so that our stakeholders and others can learn more about our work, as well as our desire to help students succeed in school and in life. Special thanks to Tammie Roach (with Marietta City Schools) and Angelica Rosso (with DeKalb County Schools) for their participation in the live streaming.

The Spring Fundraising Campaign 2020 is still underway. Please give a tax-deductible donation and encourage others to do the same. Kennrod depends on these donations for our planning of in-school and out-of-school activities including tutoring, special guest activities, and college and business field trips.

I recently learned about a scholarship for students through Charlie's Angels Movers. This is a great opportunity for high school juniors and seniors. To learn more visit:

In closing, take this opportunity in isolation to learn more, be creative, and become a better you. We can all use this time to reflect and engage in activities that will help us grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. Let's do this!


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