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Kennrod Goes to the Capitol...again

Our middle school students were given the opportunity to visit the Georgia State Capitol on Friday, January 17, 2020. (Our high school students made the same visit last year.) Ms. Sophia, our tour guide, helped to make the experience a memorable one for the students. She talked to them about Georgia's history, asked questions to check their understanding of content, took them on the tour, and allowed them to go through the process of introducing and passing a bill. It was great to see how excited the students were to share how much they learned through their classroom and the Capitol experiences.

What a great day it was to be at the Capitol! As a special treat, students were able to observe the kick off of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Celebration. They saw all the people gathering in the atrium and were even able to see Governor Brian Kemp and Bernice King from a distance. One of Kennrod's Founding Board Members, Michael German, was in attendance and was able to take a photo with some of the students.

Great memories, with a great group of students!

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