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Kennrod by the Numbers

Kennrod is now two years old! There are times when it seems like the fall of 2016 was just yesterday when I began thinking about starting a nonprofit that would allow me to do work that I love (teaching) and allow me to honor two people who I loss way too soon - Kennedy and Rodney. Yet, when I think about those early days of researching nonprofits, putting together a board of directors, and tutoring students in public libraries, I realize that while we still have a long distance ahead, we really have made progress. More importantly, we have worked to improve the lives of students and parents by keeping our mission at the forefront of everything that we do.

Here are a few highlights by the numbers:

Board of Directors - 7

Students served - 116 (tutoring services - 21; college and career readiness services - 95)

Parent sessions - 3

College field trips - 3

Career/business field trips - 5

Partners in Education - 6

Career-focused, guest speakers - 11

Corporate grants - 5

Volunteers - 16

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