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Happy Holidays

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. This is such a special time of year because families and friends are able to spend quality time together, take part in holiday events, and reflect on the current and New Year.

December was indeed a special month for Kennrod. We had the opportunity to take our middle school students to the Mercedes Benz Stadium for the STEAM Tour. Students were able to expand their classroom learning to real world experiences by seeing how core academic areas (science, mathematics) were essential in building the stadium. They took a tour of the facility, went inside the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United locker rooms, visited the bookstore, and even had a chance to run a relay on the field. Afterwards, we had lunch in the food court at the CNN Center. It was definitely a memorable experience for the students and chaperones.

Kennrod celebrated our third anniversary on December 15th. We are so grateful to our students, parents, partners in education, donors, and community friends who have contributed to our success! Thank you!

2020 is fast approaching! Let's make this one the best one yet!

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