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Financial Literacy and More

Our middle school students recently had a financial literacy presentation by Charlotte Geletka, Managing Partner at Silver Penny Financial. Charlotte provided the students an engaging and hands-on lesson about various ways to take care of their money today and in the future. Special thanks to Claire Kurtz, Client Relationship Manager at Silver Penny, for her role in helping to make the presentation a success for students.

Our high school students had a great time this month as we reviewed our plans for the school year and prepared for our upcoming university field trip. We have 50 students enrolled this year and they are very focused on our college and career planning efforts. Because many of them have been a part of Kennrod for 3 years now, it is very exciting to see how much they have grown and how committed they are to achieving their goals.

The countdown to our 2019 Fall Fundraising Campaign begins today! Our campaign will take place Friday, November 1st through Saturday, November 30th. This is a time for us all to make a donation to Kennrod and to ask others to do the same. Donations help to make it possible for us to provide ongoing quality programs to our students. #supportkennrod

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