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Community Partners Can Make a Positive Difference – Part 2

Kennrod is proud to include Kumon as a partner in education! Kumon has a stellar reputation for delivering comprehensive reading and math programs to students. It’s academic focus in these critical areas, as well as it’s longevity as a successful educational leader greatly contributed to Kennrod making the choice to work closely with Kumon to help students build their self-confidence, achieve academically, and prepare for college, career, and life.

According to Kumon, it “has consistently aimed to help students develop a firm foundation of academic ability and become people who are capable of learning on their own. Kumon instructors have a strong belief in the potential of each and every student they encounter. Kumon maximizes students’ ability, discovers the just-right level of study for each student and provides the optimum learning materials. The Kumon Method, which was originally developed by a father for his son, is now available in 49 countries and regions around the world.” To learn more about Kumon and its programs visit

Kennrod strives to remove the barrier of parents not being able to afford high quality tutoring for their children. This partnership with Kumon is another example of our effort.

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