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Another great school year!

I am very proud of the work that Kennrod has been able to be a part of with Cross Keys High School (DeKalb County, Georgia). In the spring of 2017, we started working with one 9th grade classroom. Now, we support students in all grade levels. Our positive interaction with the school administration, teachers, support staff, and parents has greatly impacted our interaction with students. To this end, our model at CK is what we desire to replicate in other schools because we know that the “village” mindset is what it takes to help students strive to become the best version of themselves.

Yesterday, we gathered (see photo) to celebrate the end of 2018-2019. During the year, we had meetings, went on field trips, and connected in meaningful ways. As we reflected, we also shared ideas about how to best move forward in the coming year. I am already excited about the things that we will see and learn together!

These students are our future. They will have jobs that we are aware of and they will also create new ones. They will help take care of our earth and for those who have children, they will help create a foundation of service and genuine concern for others. I also believe they will work toward modeling the elements of KENNROD.

Thank you, Cross Keys! It has definitely been another great school year!

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