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We provide high quality tutoring and college and career readiness services to pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade students in underserved communities.

We believe student success can be achieved through the collective efforts of students, parents, teachers, school leaders, and community partners.

We want to help remove barriers to student learning and join parents in their efforts to help their child succeed in school and in life.


We go the extra mile to make a difference in every student's learning experience.


We help our students understand what is next after high school.

Our Partners in Education

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Melissa Howard

Birmingham, Alabama

"I support Kennrod because I believe in the mission. I know that my donation will help young minds in undeserved communities be developed and nurtured in order to become future leaders".

Jennifer Saunders

Atlanta, Georgia

"The value of Kennrod is immeasurable because it’s founders are both parents and educators who know how to tune in to the need of all learners. An educational service that can provide meaningful, caring support is the desire of parents and students who are striving to succeed."

Sharon Wingfield

Chicago, Illionois

"Children often enter their respective grade level lacking the foundational skills  necessary for academic success. We as a society all have a role in developing the whole child. This is why Kennrod has my unwavering support"

Remove Barriers to Success

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