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September is Attendance Awareness Month

Students, parents, and community friends may have noticed that there has been great emphasis this month on students attending school and arriving to school on time each day in order to maximize their learning. This emphasis may have been demonstrated during school meetings, announcements, or even during one-to-one communication in an effort to help students begin and end the school year with success. The more students are in school, the more likely they will be able to process and learn the material that will ultimately help them progress from one grade level to another. Comparatively, when students have repeated unexcused absences, they are much more likely to fall behind their peers. To that end, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, “Students who attend school regularly have been shown to achieve at higher levels than students who do not have regular attendance. This relationship between attendance and achievement may appear early in a child’s school career. A recent study looking at young children found that absenteeism in kindergarten was associated with negative first grade outcomes such as greater absenteeism in subsequent years and lower achievement in reading, math, and general knowledge.”

Let’s do our part to encourage students to attend school daily- not only this month, but also in the months to come. We recognize that there will be times when students will need to absent, i.e. illness; however, regular attendance can make a difference in whether or not the student is able to acquire the foundational skills needed to achieve in school and in life.

For more detailed information on school attendance, please review the references below:

Attendance Awareness Month

Attendance Works

National Center for Education Statistics

The Importance of School Attendance (video)

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